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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 29, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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♪ green giant good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. bay area wide on behalf of the 13-year-old boy who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. protesters boarded buses in oakland and headed in march that's preceding andy lopez's ñ nbc bay area's christiee smith is live in oakland where some had to wait longer than expected forcszs!%m bus ride. c christie, good morning. >> the driver showed up a little late, and sat around and waited for every single demonstrator to show up, and they came from far
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away.  as far away as stockton, and they're saying that they want to go to stand with the family of andy lopez, the 13-year-old who 7ñ shot and killed last week by a sheriff's deputy. now, many of them say they've lost loved ones to gunfire themselves, including one officer-involved shooting. the family of james rivera, involved in an officer-involved shooting in 2010 in the central valley. they were here. investigators say he was driving a stolen/br in a high speed pursuit.u+"g6m
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>> sheriff's department afternoon thoughed. protesters like the mom of james rivera arekx joining the outcry. they're always just filing killing someone, and we need to start organizing, coming together, city to city, state to state, country to country to address this. >> this isn't a war zone. the police officer is there to protect and serve. he should have been there andpt cognizant of what that situation really was. lopez was carrying at the time. investigators say that the towards him and his partner when they ordered him to drop that gun. lopez was hit -- some were trying to get there so early that they left by carpool and
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didn't even wait for that bus. a funeral mass is planned also tonight at 5:00 p.m. reporting live in oakland, christiie smith, nbc bay area news. >> now to a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. court preegts begin today for one of six teens charged with killing an off duty paramedic in the oakland hills. now almost seven months after quinn boy yerz murder, his widow is speaking publicly for the first time. liz boyer said her husband was shot in the head just weeks shy of their one-year wedding anniversary. two days later the santa clara county first responder was taken off life support. then came the arrests and the revelation the accused are just boys. >> are just felt sick to my stomach. this is so sad.
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just senseless. it's a loss all around for everyone. >> the accused triggerman 16 years old being charged as an adult. five other teens are charged as& juveniles on multiple felony charges. police say he was shot during an attempted carjacking. the suspected drunk driver who hit and killed a couple in menlo park is expected in court today. marjorie ritzel was supposed to appear yesterday, but she was a no show because of health issues.s prosecutors say she ran down a couple asdc6 they walked their last thursday. her brother tells us he had no idea what happened that night, but he does say ritzel is bipolar. court documents show she has had 30 criminal cases against her in san mateo county, including dui and drug charges. she now faces vehicular manslaughter charges in the latest case. >> a follow-up to a story we
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brought you yesterday. thoshg the south bay woman is behind bars facing vehicular manslaughter charges for allegedly killing her own friend. police say monica johnson, of campbell was driving drunk early yesterday morning when she hit and killed cassandra bobbing. it happened outside a home in the willow bend neighborhood. johnson backed into buck and pinned her against a garage door. police believe twot women were in the car together before the crash happened. she they say they also found beer cans at the crash site. teachers along with students at one east bay school are propest testing a -- napolitano is set to speak tomorrow morning, but some teachers and students say they do not want her -- they're calling for her removal. they say her work as former homeland security 3uu(áv makes her a poor fit for this
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position. she is not an appropriate choice. she's against the rights of immigrant families and undocumented students and÷ against the rightsdc6 of studen critical thinkingt!f and free speech. >> napolitano began her tenure as uc president less than a month ago. one year ago today the east coast was battling the largest storm to ever build in the atlantic. sandy ripped across the shoreline leaving behind about $70 billion in damages. nbc bay area jay gray is on the boardwalk this morning and seaside heights with a closer look at the ongoing recovery efforts across the region. sunrise in thep strikea year after sandy is still struggling to come back. >> it's terrible and tragic. it's nowhere close to getting any better. sdroo did you think when all this happened that a year later you would be in this can be? >> never. we honestly figured maybe six months, and we would have a
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home. >> reporter: many who lost their homes are gij to lose hope. >> we're told we're going to see progress soon, but i look around, and i see no progress. >> reporter: desperation, they understandúz in seaside height. recovering from the wind, the water, and the wave of flames that ripped through four blocks and 50 businesses. this morning new jersey governor chris christie talked about how a slow start for the recovery is hard for families and communities to bounce back. >> they took 92 days for the federal government to act on aid to sandy victims. >> reporter: for many frustrated by the full process of government grants and insurance claims, volunteers are the only way they've managed to survive. >> we've had a lot of support from outside groups. of course, habitat for humanity. they're a god send. and so that helps. >> help they're going to need for at least another year, if
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not longer. >> we can't think that the federal government is just going to take care of it all. it's going to be people like you and me who are going to step up. >> because there are still so many steps left. >> more help is on the way. yesterday washington approved an extra $5 billion in recovery funds for five states impacted by sandy. jay gray, nbc news, seaside heights, new jersey. back here in the bay area, special meeting will be held tonight to help a family displaced by a six-alarm fire at a redwood city apartment building. the october 17th fire destroyed hxxpapartment building and left about 70 people homeless. investigators say the cause of this fire appears to be accidental. it spread quickly because the building did not have a sprinkler system. since the building was older, sprinklers were not required by law. tonight's meeting is at 7:00 at the fair oaks community center. well, the end of daylight-savings time comes
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sunday, and this means most of us will be heading home to work in the dark. san francisco police say when we roll the clocks back last year, police saw an increase in robberies near transit hubs and smartphones are often the target. police are heading out today reminding commuters the smartphone glow will shine an hour earlier. >> we noticed there was an increase in robberies around the transit hubs and realizing that people's commutes were during hours of darkness, we wanted to get information out to advise the public of that. >> they're hoping to shine a light on dangers in the dark. officers plan to be more visible around transit hubs during the evening commute hoping to discourage thieves. the maker of the popular seracha hot sauce is face aing lawsuit accused of stinking up the air around the southern california factory. the city of irwindale filed suit yesterday asking a judge to stop production at the factory.
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the two claims the odor is a public nuisance and people have complained of burning eyes, irritated throats, and headaches. the company has not responded to the suit. it opened the plant in irwindale just outside of los angeles earlier this>hc÷ year. a jury deliberation begins today in the trial of a morin county teen accused of stealing celebrity chef guy fietti's lamborghini. guy took the stand yesterday saying he never gave anyone permission to drive his car. 19-year-old max wade is accused of stealing the yellow lamborghini back in 2011 bresh is also charged with a shooting of a car that was carrying a girl he had a crush on. still to come, $8 for a gallon of milk? it could soon be a reality. we'll tell you why people here m bay area are now depending on congress to make sure this does not happen. another month. another blockbuster bit of data about house prices. we'll take a look coming up in business.
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and i'm meteorologist christina loren. an exiting storm system is leaving us cool and cloudy, and it's still producing a lot of snow in lake tahoe. we'll tell you which ski resort may be opening as a resultúa early, and your seven-day forecast, including those halloween numbers are coming up when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back. to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"...
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welcome back. kwlau hue ceo is a proud new owner of palo alto's oldest funeral home. marissa myers bought the 114-year-old roller and happengood and kinny mortuary. it's at middle field road. bob riddell is live in paulee althougho now, and this location is only a block away fromt meyer's personal home. this has something to do with the purchase, i imagine. >> good morning to you, marl wra. yeah, but it's not her main residence that's a couple of blocks away. it's a place she apparently uses for parties. now, one local realtor we just spoke with, who was very
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familiar with this neighborhood, is wondering what in the world would she want to do with this piece of property. >> not something i would like in my inventory. i would sooner not have a funeral home. >> palo alto on-line is reporting that ceo marissa meyer bought roller happengood and kinny mortuary. no one is thinking she's going to keep it as a funeral home. instead, the thought is that she would build something in its place. who knows what. higher density residential. up to 21 units. meyer already owns a house two blocks down that anybodies tell us is primarily just for entertainment, like a party for halloween, which appears to be setting up for, as we speak. a person lives in the apartment complex next door, not happy with meyer' sgigs to buy another property in this neighborhood. she says her big party, even though they do shut down in
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time, according to the law, are toobge disruptive for the neighborhood, many terms of all the workers coming and going. >> very intrucive. >> you're not happy. >> no. >> when she's facing the hills. she can buy a compoupd,i: do whatever she wants, not disturb the neighbors. >> we did reach out to yahoo for comment, but they have yet to respond. ins dentally roller, happen ifs good and kinny will shut down their funeral home here in palo alto on thursday, which is halloween. reporting live in palo alto, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> pretty interesting story. all right, bob. thanks so much. the birthplace of the apple computer is officially a part of history. last night the los waltos historical commission voted unanimously no turn the childhood home of steve jobs into a historical site. this means this home on crist drive is now protected so a
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builder cannot come in and demolish it. the plan is to put up a plaque 7nmpand steve wazniak build the first apple one computer back in 1976. jobs' stepmother, marilynn jobs, still lives in this home, by the way. >>. well, your home may not be a landmark to anyone but you, but it's probably worth much more than it used to be. scott mcgrew as house prices continue their record rise. >> good morning. the latest monthly data from case shiler shows the home prices in the san frifblg market have risen more than 25% from the same time measured last year. so from august 2012 to august 2013, which is the most recent month in all that8 data is available. this is the second best increase in the united states behind las vegas. now, i tell you about these price increases every month, and they've been blockbuster machines. we do keep in mind, it's a moving average. july to july.
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it's not added to the august to august increase this month. all we can say is that compared to roughly this time last year, houses in the san francisco market are up about 25%. south bay not included in those numbers. google is close to releasing a smart watch or at least making sure the battery life is going to be long enough before its release. samsung, of course, the first major company to create a smart watch that will commute with your phone has been criticized for a number of reason, but mostly the battery. it goes dark to save battery, so it doesn't show you the time right away, which, after all is the whole point of a watch. back to you. >> good point. $8 for a gallon of milk? that could be our reality if congress does not pass a new farm bill and do it soon. current subsidies will run out at the end of the year, but congress has yet to pass new subsidies because of a disagreement over cuts to food
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stamps. if the situation is not /ár(q of a gallon of milk soring to $6 dlashgs ares $7, or $8 a gallon. >> for congress not to pass a bill, yeah, it is ridiculous. >> the price is astronomically !eq%m comparable to a gallon o milk. he heat comes first. >> with the inflated prices, the family buying one gallon every week would spend almost $250 more for milk a year. congress is said to debate a new farm bill beginning this week. today hundreds of children in the east bay will get into the halloween spirit a little early this year. thanks in part to the hey word police department. families do not have the extra
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cash this time of year to celebrate halloween. many past years the department says it gave away more than 500 costumes to children in need. many of whom were living in shelters within the county. snow is expected once again to fall in the sierra this morning. this is what trucky looked like late last night. the snow coming down pretty good. the sierra got one to three inches overnight, in fact, and we checked, and as of now, snow chains, in case you are wonder, are not required on i-80 or highway 50.÷ the early snow has some tahoe area ski resorts excited. borialis mountain resort is making snow this morning. the resort says if the snow keeps falling, it is hoping to open this weekend. >> are you a skier or snowboarder? >> border. i'm more the slide down the mountain on my buns. >> that's what happens to me when i try tooy; snowboard.
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>> it's tough. >> it's very hard. i'm a skier. >> you only get to watch all that awesome olympic action. 100 days away now.[úf we're getting snow out in tahoe this morning as well. plenty of the white stuff on the radar right now. take it right to the radar and i'll show you what i'm talking about. as can you see, mostly around head throughout the day today, we could see those chain requirements go back up. let's take you back home into the bay area. as that system exits our area, move into the tahoe region, we're still lingering when it comes to the low clouds. lingers for most of the day today, and we're also going to see cool conditions trailing behind that front. by tomorrow they'll all mix out, and we're setting up for a warming trend, and that is the weather story and the weather department for today. warmer weather headed our way. just wanted to show you san hose way. mostly cloudy conditions. throughout the afternoon, temperatures are going to be cooler than average. 63 degrees in santa theresa. 61 in santa cruz, and 60 in san
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francisco. talk about that trend. today low 60s. by tomorrow and san jose, the low 70s move in. we're talking about the mid 70s as we get into your thursday, and then by friday we'll kick into 78 degrees. feeling comfortable. for everybody who is headed outdoors, to celebrate halloween, temperatures are going to be comfortable. sunset about 6:15. that's when the trick-or-treating begins. temperatures will be around 64 degrees. if you haven't made your plans yet, check out our website, nbc bay we've got an awesome guide set up for you. getting into the weekend and, yes, not too early to start thinking about it. we're looking good. 73 saturday. 71 on sunday inland, and then we'll see another system come through late sunday into monday. that's going to drop our temps and not too bad. not too bad at all. back to you, marla. >> we will take it. thanks, christina. still to come, as she just 100 away from the winter olympics in sochi. we'll show you the ongoing effort to get that city ready. mrushgs some of the new sports added to the olympic games.
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the countdown is on to sochi games that are expected to be the most expensive winter olympics in history. with the current overall price tag of $51 billion. almost all of the olympic venues have been built from scratch, and most of the sports facilities have already been completed. there will be 12 new events at this olympics, including women's ski jumping, and slope style snowboarding. of course, when the time comes, you can watch all the action right here on msnbc bay area. . to the world series now where it is now win or go home time for the st. louis cardinals. last night the red sox beat the cardinals 3-1 to take a 3-2 series lead back to boston. game six is tomorrow night at fenway park. well, still to come, are you tired of watching that boring
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safety message before you take off on a flight? we'll show you what virgin america is showing passengers on its planes. it's pretty entertaining. that's after the break. [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this.
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[ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.
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i'm a big fan of vergin america that's putting out a new video today. the safety warning that everybody ignores, the one about release the buckle and pull out the mask. it's now more like a music video. take a look. ♪ yo, yo, yo ♪ eyes are blue -- ♪ >> this actually lasts for five minutes, but it's very entertaining. there are also dances in there and different rhymes and wrap raps. good-looking men towards the end as well. >> that's halfway through. i motion halfway through about five of them. the next fast at 5:00 tonight.
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